Tax Fee Protection

Nobody really likes surprises. Being put under the microscope by HMRC can be extremely stressful and spot checks can range from a minor querying of a single tax return to a comprehensive review of your records. With a small annual fee, you can protect your business from professional costs associated with HMRC reviews and protect yourself from the hassle of dealing with them.

Tax Fee Protection

Feel prepared for the worst. Our program provides you with:

  • Access to expert advice on compliance checks
  • Protection from professional fees incurred
  • Support in dealing with HMRC
  • Reliable experts to defend your tax position

Meet a member of our Tax Fee Protection team

Will Moy

Tax Fee Protection

With HMRC under unprecedented pressure to deliver extra funds from compliance activities, the risk of an unexpected compliance inspections is ever growing. This, added with the additional business support given through COVID-19 means that there has never been a more likely time for inspection than now.

Our tax protection services are designed to allow you to opt out of dealing with HMRC directly in the event of an unexpected spot check, leaving the resolution in the hands the only choice for accountancy firms Norwich.

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Call us today to find out how our tax protection plans can help you prepare for nasty surprises. Enjoy the sense of security that comes with full protection from the costs associated with an unexpected compliance check.

During the coming years, the chance of inspection is as high as ever as the Government goes to check and ensure that support schemes such as the Job Retention and Self Employment Income Support were managed and applied correctly.

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